On Hiring

What is an applicant tracking system (ATS) and why do I need one?
As small companies grow bigger and have more needs they have to hire new employees. Often these new workers have specialized knowledge that the company’s leader doesn’t share. It’s pure luck when the company’s founder finds the right person after several days of looking through resumes and interviewing two or three candidates. Usually the picture [...]
Going through the growing pains? Not to worry, you are not alone!
What happens once startup years are over and company grows beyond your level of comfort? What challenges do business owners and their executives face as companies move from 10 employees to 100 to 200 to 500? How do they need to change to keep growing? Inc. magazine’s economist-in-residence and consultant Gary Kunkle launched a research [...]
Are you ready to grow your company? Learn how to hire and delegate!
Small business owners often have problem of letting go and delegating their day-to-day duties to people they hire. It’s very hard to grow your business this way. Scott Leibs, executive editor of Inc. magazine, doles out advice on how to stop worrying and learn how to trust. He collected opinions of several business owners to [...]
Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer: interviewing people is hard
Jon Oringer is an American entrepreneur and the founder of the popular microstock photography site Shutterstock. He is currently Shutterstock’s CEO. Inc. magazine featured a short interview with Jon in their March issue. Our favorite quote: What was the hardest lesson you learned in your first year of business? Figuring out how to interview people [...]
Hiring Your First Employee
When preparing for an interview, remember some dos and don’ts. Some questions are off limits. There are questions you should not ask, because of the ethics – or because it may be simply illegal. It’s better not to be curious about such personal subjects as an applicant’s age, sexual orientation, marital status, religious affiliation etc. [...]
5 Tips For Hiring Your First Employee
At some point you will need help with your startup. And it’s not a small thing for your business: On one hand, you will have to judge someone’s job performance, and on the other hand, you will be judged as a boss. And on the top, someone’s income will depend on you. That’s not easy. [...]
Hiring Your First Employee: 5 Things You Need to Know
If everything goes right, sooner or later you will need to hire someone to help with your startup. Hiring the wrong person may only add troubles, while finding the right one may take your company to the new level. Here is how to hire the right first employee: 1. Make sure you’re financially ready. A [...]
Scaling Teams and the Fight Against Human Nature
As a startup grows into a bigger company, the same trouble occurs on the way: from some point we spend more and more time and effort on making a hundred-something group of different people with their own egoes function as one big friendly team, – and less and less time on solving the company running or product related [...]
3 Interview Questions That Reveal Everything
Interviewing job candidates can take plenty of time and effort, however, there is a simple way to understand whether you are talking to the right candidate. Simply ask the same 3 questions while moving through the candidate’s work history, starting from the very first job: 1.  How did you find out about the job? It [...]