3 Interview Questions That Reveal Everything

Interviewing job candidates can take plenty of time and effort, however, there is a simple way to understand whether you are talking to the right candidate. Simply ask the same 3 questions while moving through the candidate’s work history, starting from the very first job:

1.  How did you find out about the job?

It is absolutely normal to find out about an opening from job boards, online listings, job fairs etc. However, if it’s the 4th or 5th job found this way, it may mean that the candidate is looking for a job, any job, it’s not important for them if they will work at your company or elsewhere.

Also, it may mean that this person has not reached the level of competence and has not won trust from the former employers, or colleagues, enough to get invited into their organizations. If the candidate has been pulled in by someone he or she worked with before, it is the best reference.

2. What did you like about the job before you started?

The right employee not only can describe the attractive environment and the work that motivates them, – they actively search for them. Not for a high salary or a status.

3. Why did you leave?

People may have different reasons to leave a job. But sometimes they leave because they have problems with the co-workers or with the boss. If that is the reason, don’t ask for the details right away, hang on to the follow-ups instead, and eventually you will understand whether the candidate is a teamworker, is able to be responsible or prefers to blame others.

When interviewing candidates for a leadership position, you may ask an additional question:

How many people have you hired, and where did you find them?

If the candidate’s former co-workers leave their jobs to follow their leader to a new place, it is a great leader.

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By Jeff Haden for Inc.com

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