Scaling Teams and the Fight Against Human Nature

As a startup grows into a bigger company, the same trouble occurs on the way: from some point we spend more and more time and effort on making a hundred-something group of different people with their own egoes function as one big friendly team, – and less and less time on solving the company running or product related problems.

The reason is human nature.

As human beings we tend to unite into groups and create a common enemy – which in a growing company turns into inter-team competions; we often forget about the positives and focus on the negatives; we resist changes – although change is the only way for a growing company to be successful; we act emotionally believing at the same time that our decisions are rational; we begin to lose empathy as our number grows since we don’t even know all these new people around well enough; sometimes we create new rules to prevent repeats of abuses which took place only once – using processes to punish and restrict instead of freeing and enabling; we incline to irrationally romanticize the past, believing everything was better than compared to the present.

Is there anything we can do? Yes, we can – and we have to – combat. Know about it, be prepared for it and get any help, or training, or outside advices which can be useful.

If you work in a scaling organization, then:

  1. Remember about human nature;
  2. Don’t let it stop you from doing what is right for the company and what fits with your values;
  3. Remind your coworkers that you feel the same way, but you all can win over it if you resist it.

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By Rand Fishkin

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