Hiring Process Made Easy With Our Web-Based Staffing Software For Job Candidate Tracking

HR Software. Redefined.

YouAreHR.com is a web-based applicant tracking service that handles the administrivia that surrounds the hiring process and lets you focus on what you care about most — finding the right people for your business.

Our staffing service in the cloud is designed to be used by busy non-HR professionals and takes care of the hiring process complexities in the background.

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YouAreHR.com helps startups as well as small and medium-sized companies structure their hiring. Your company will be able to:

  • Collect and organize data about job applicants
  • Maintain the schedule of phone screens and face-to-face interviews
  • Collaborate, receive and act on feedback about prospective hires
  • Make an educated hiring decision perfectly aligned with the company's goals

Our job candidate tracking service runs in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about any software or hardware maintenance.

Make Educated Hiring Decisions, Onboard New Hires

YouAreHR.com's applicant tracking system gathers feedback from all members of your team in one place, right next to each candidate's resume or CV. Simply glance at an applicants' ratings, compare notes and pick candidates that best match your requirements.

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Our applicant tracking service provides hiring managers with extensive filtering and sorting capabilities that make finding candidates meeting certain criteria one click away.

Hiring managers can easily see which stage of the hiring process job candidates are in. It's easy to schedule phone screens, face-to-face interviews or promote applicants to the next stage of the process, right from the same screen.

Ready to make a decision? All you need to do is either promote user to the next stage of your company's hiring process, reject or extend an offer. Every action may be accompanied by an email sent out to the applicant, if you wish to do so.

If your company needs more information to on-board new hires, YouAreHR.com will help to collect it after you extend an offer.

Your Company's Own Careers Page

All published positions will be listed on the careers page which you can link to or even copy and paste on any of the pages of your company's website.

Job applicants will be able to learn more about the position, your company, and apply right away. Unlike other applicant tracking systems, we do not require job candidates to create any accounts, so their experience is smooth and easy.

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We do not show other companies' jobs next to your company's job advertisements on the careers website.

You can link to the job board page itself or to job ads separately. Our service even provides you with a link shortener to make it easy for you to tweet new jobs. And while we're at it, we also have social networking buttons to make sharing your positions on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn a breeze.

Well-Structured Hiring Process Saves Time And Effort

YouAreHR.com's staged approach to job interviewing helps weeding out bad applicants before they even reach any stage of in-person (over the phone or face-to-face) interaction with your staff. This saves time and effort for everyone involved in the process, like any good human resource management software should.

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YouAreHR.com will help you to structure your company's hiring process into a series of stages: automated pre-screen, phone and face-to-face interviews and optional fresh hire questionnaires.

We help you to jump start your hiring process with an extensive set of most commonly used pre-screen forms, which you can easily adjust to your company's needs with minimal effort.

Once you decide to extend an offer, an optional fresh hire questionnaire will help you to collect information your company needs in order to successfully on-board newly hired employee.

Paint Complete Picture

Have a question? Ask away! Our recruiting software service offers numerous ways to ask a question — pick one that suits your needs best. There're no limits on the amount of questions you may ask your candidates.

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The following question types are supported out of the box:

  • Contact information and résumé
  • Free text entry for complex questions, including rich text editing capabilities
  • Single choice questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Timelines for education and work experience
  • Technology skill experience entry, including self-assessed levels of experience and how long skills are in use
  • File attachments for collecting work samples and portfolios

Although it's not necessary, we suggest you take advantage and create questions for phone screens and face-to-face interviews as well. This way you will ensure that all necessary questions are asked during those activities, and that notes are taken by your team. Later this data could be used for further candidate's evaluation.

You will be able to tweak and tune your screening questions even after you start collecting the information. Our recruitment management service will pick up and apply changed questions to new job candidates.

All Candidate Answers Are One Click Away

YouAreHR.com resume tracking and management software combines each applicant's resume and CV data and your team members' evaluation into one comprehensive view and makes it easy to get the full picture just by glancing over.

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Each candidate can be five-star rated. If a team member especially likes or dislikes the applicant, they may thumbs-up or thumbs-down them.

Let your team conduct interviews, then decide based on their reactions and notes whether you want to promote the candidate to the next stage, reject or extend an offer. All that right from the same screen.

Define Red Flags For Candidates

Some answers might raise red flags for your company or might be a big "no-no" from the get go. Sometimes you are simply looking for some rare qualification and might want to draw attention to the candidate who possesses it. Whatever it is, it's better if employee management software would let you know about it immediately.

With YouAreHR you'll be able to mark-up predefined answers to make these kind of candidates stand out later on, when you and your team will be making a hiring decision.

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Hiring Is A Team Play

Leverage your in-house team's expertise when evaluating potential candidates with our hiring software solution.

Add your team members as users to your YouAreHR.com account and let them work on position requirements, questionnaires, evaluate incoming resumes and CVs and participate in interviewing.

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Listen To Your Team

People who are busy with day-to-day work on the project always have an interesting point of view on what's important for your project to be successful.

Collaboration is made so much easier with modern web-based recruiting software. Let your team review job candidates' resumes and CVs, evaluate pre-screens, take notes during phone and in-person interviews, and rate and vote on applicants.

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Team members may use a five-star rating to assess applicant's general performance during the interviews, but they may also thumbs-up or thumbs-down candidates if they formed a firm opinion about them.

All data collected from candidates and your team's feedback – stored by our recruitment software in the cloud – add final touches to the picture that helps you make an educated hiring decision.

Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

While you want to listen to your team, only certain people can actually be empowered to make hiring decisions. Our online HR software allows you to split the responsibilities among your team members for better security and accountability.

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Scheduling Made Easy

Everybody has a busy schedule in a startup company. Still, it is very important to set some time aside to take care of selecting the best people crucial for your startup's success.

YouAreHR.com will take care of scheduling issues and make sure that all relevant information is always in one place. With YouAreHR.com, you'll never have to worry about lost emails or missed appointments.

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Interview Scheduling Supports Time Zones

Even if you're a startup or a small business — why limit your company's grows with your local area?

Never mind time zones: YouAreHR.com makes it a small world by automatically converting appointment times to your and your candidate's local times, making it easy to pick the perfect time for everyone.

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Different Hiring Needs Addressed

YouAreHR.com applicant tracking system is adjustable to the hiring process that fits your company needs. You may choose to make résumé collection optional or disable it altogether. This works perfectly if you are targeting fresh graduates that do not have résumés yet, or looking to minimize the paperwork when hiring seasonal personnel for temp positions with minimal requirements to qualifications.

If you are expecting heavy influx of job applications, YouAreHR.com's mass actions will help you to triage your recruitment pipeline quickly.

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