On-Premises Applicant Tracking System Option

You can run YouAreHR hosted on your company's premises, if you want. There're no limits on a number of users or positions in this type of setup. You are not allowed to offer your YouAreHR On-Premises setup as a service to any third parties.

One-time upfront payment will entitle you to one license of YouAreHR On-Premises and twenty business days of technical support (starting from the day next to the day of your purchase) to help you with installation and getting started with your setup of YouAreHR. Various support packages are available separately and could be purchased at any time.

You will receive free upgrades within the major version number that you had purchased (e.g., if you purchased YouAreHR of version 2.0, you will receive free updates with version numbers of 2.x range, until new major version 3.0 is released). If your initial purchase occurred within thirty days of the new major version release, we will upgrade you to the new major version automatically for free.

Is On-Premises Option Right For Your Company?

We have created a whitepaper that will help you to decide whether the on-premises option is a good choice for your company. Follow this link to read about choosing self-hosted option for your future ATS solution.

Please contact us if you have any questions about YouAreHR On-Premises option.


For Enterprise Users

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited positions
  • Unlimited applicants
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