Choose The ATS That Best Fits Your Company Size


A free option for a new two-person company to hire a first employee. Rich set of tools for assessing applicants, zero maintenance overhead. A startup's process is never like the process of an established company. With you may use only parts of the process that are important for your company.

Learn how two founders hired their first employee without single face-to-face meeting.

Small Company

In small companies people are always busy and wear multiple hats all the time. Usually it's hard to justify a dedicated HR department when you are still small, yet with YouAreHR you might never need one ever. All the tools that pro HRs use are now at your disposal, helping your small company grow.

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Medium-Size Company

There's always room for improvements and cutting costs with YouAreHR even for grownup companies. Remove maintenance costs and headaches of homegrown HR solutions with the hosted service provided by YouAreHR. Streamline existing hiring processes within your company and increase efficiency of team members involved in hiring.

Learn how medium-size company can benefit from YouAreHR.

On-Premises Solution

A no-compromises offering for companies that want total control over software infrastructure. YouAreHR is available as an on-premises self-hosted ATS software. We offer software, installation and configuration assistance, integration services, upgrades and premium support packages.

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