Applicant Tracking System On Premises

How YouAreHR Can Help Your Company

YouAreHR offers a cost-effective way to streamline hiring processes for growing companies. We are taking care of minutiae of collecting, organizing and collaborating on prospective job applications.

Our solution is optimized for non-HR professionals who are in a much better position to determine what is important for getting the job done right. Your team will evaluate pre-screens, take notes during phone and in-person interviews, rate and vote on candidates. Our service will take care of scheduling issues and make sure that all relevant information is always in one place. This way the hiring process becomes easily repeatable and doesn't have debilitating dependencies on a handful of people that possess a "sacred knowledge" of screening new candidates.

Hiring new people is a process and YouAreHR will help you establish it. Moreover, once interviewing stages and concerns are visible for other team members, you will receive invaluable feedback that will benefit your company by enhancing the hiring process even further.

Is On-Premises Option Right For Your Company?


Pay-as-you-go service options of YouAreHR are an easy way to dramatically enhance hiring process throughout your growing company. Some companies, however, may choose to host software on their premises:

  • Companies that had outgrown existing service options of YouAreHR
  • Companies that do not allow their data to be stored in the cloud due to internal security policies
  • Companies that want to integrate applicant tracking system in the existing business processes, and to be able to customize both look-and-feel and business logic of YouAreHR software

The immediate benefits your company would enjoy:

  1. No limits on a number of positions that could be published at any given time
  2. No limits on an amount of users that could be collaborating on job applications
  3. Integration with your in-house authentication and directory infrastructure (Active Directory, LDAP, etc.)
  4. Rich look-and-feel customization possibilities
  5. Source code escrow and customizations [1]

Source Code

On-Premises option comes in two flavors:

  1. On-Premises option without source code
  2. On-Premises option with source code license

The source code license will enable your company to make sophisticated customizations and adjustments at source code level. However, in this case you will have to handle merging changes that are coming from us in form of upgrades.


Your company cannot offer services similar to using our On-Premises option. We offer special options for system integrators and resellers who may be interested in YouAreHR software on behalf of their clients.

System Integrators and Resellers Software welcomes companies that provide system integration services to other companies or resell enterprise software. We offer special licensing terms for On-Premises option for our reseller partners, so they could serve their customers better.

Please contact us for more details about On-Premises option licensing for our reseller partners.

Upgrade Policy

You will receive free upgrades within the major version number that you had purchased (e.g., if you purchased YouAreHR of version 2.0, you will receive free updates with version numbers of 2.x range, until new major version 3.0 is released). An upgrade between major versions comes at a discount, or, if initial purchase occurred within thirty days of the new major version release, we will provide an upgrade to the new major version for free.

System Requirements

YouAreHR On-Premises is a Windows/.NET software designed to work with a range of Windows Server and SQL Server versions that are popular in real-world scenarios at the moment:

  1. ASP.NET 4.0+
  2. Windows Server 2008 or 2012
  3. SQL Server 2008 or 2012 (Express Edition and above)
  4. 64-bit CPU @ 1.5GHz
  5. 2 GB RAM

Our software may be installed on dedicated machine, virtual machine or even shared Windows hosting [2]. We do not require dedicated SQL Server setup, so you may use your existing SQL Server installation.


When your company purchases an on-premises license, you will be provided an installation package and three business days of complimentary support in order to get your installation up and running. We are also providing pre-sales assistance with choosing your hosting options and assessing your existing system requirements.

Obtaining Support

We are always ready to help you. After initial installation completed, your company will be entitled for one business day of complimentary support over the phone, and our email support is free of charge.

We can help you integrate YouAreHR software with your existing business processes. Please contact us for a quote.

[1] Only available, if license to source code is purchased

[2] Shared Windows hosting might have limitations imposed by the hosting provider that would prevent YouAreHR software from functioning.