Medium-size financial services company hires quantitative analyst — YouAreHR use case

Company Profile

Hartford Partners is a financial services medium-size company that steadily grew for the past 12 years through a number of acquisitions of small financial boutiques. Its market position and headcount place Hartford Partners firmly into a medium-size business territory. Now, with the economy rebounding, the company is well-positioned to grow organically even more.

The company had been using an in-house developed applicant tracking solution for years. However, it was desktop based, required continuous maintenance, and had numerous quirks that drew lots of complaints of ATS software users. Hartford Partners decided to use when hiring new quantitative analysts.

How YouAreHR Helped

Service Plan

Hartford Partners is constantly in search for new talent. However, they did not want to host HR software on premises anymore and instead opted for a Gold service plan. The plan doesn’t limit the amount of people involved in the hiring process and the amount of simultaneously opened positions of 25 is more than enough to cover their ongoing recruiting efforts.

Hiring Team

The company decided to designate several members of each team that was hiring as interviewers and editors, and every team lead became a hiring manager in’s terms.

Questionnaires and Collecting Information

Over the years Hartford Partners had learned the value of a quality pre-screen. From their experience, due to the intricacies of business requirements, that would filter out about 65% of initial applications without wasting valuable time of employees involved in the hiring process. The company welcomed the extensive pre-screening features provided by

Team members do not travel and are located in the same office building. However, they recognized the value of being able to prepopulate questionnaires not just for automatic pre-screen forms, but for both phone and in-person interviews, since this allows hiring teams to evaluate prospective candidates in an uniform fashion and save data for future analysis. Further candidate evaluation and decision making by hiring managers was greatly simplified, since all related information is being maintained in a single database.

The company had also found a Fresh Hire questionnaire feature to be a very valuable addition to their process, as their HR department is required to collect various information from fresh hires before starting the onboarding process.

Promotion, Sifting Through Job Applications and Hiring

Hartford Partners decided to post the list of opened positions on their website using the Share Positions feature of In addition to that, hiring team members posted open positions on their LinkedIn accounts. The prescreening stage did a great job by filtering out about 55% of initial applications.

Over a period of three months the hiring team conducted thirty two phone and face-to-face interviews, and found’s time zone aware interview scheduling and collaboration features invaluable for their process.

Out of ten shortlisted candidates, who were offered a job, eight took an offer and were hired.

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