On premises self-hosted solution for medium-size customer service agency — YouAreHR use case

Company Profile

Telehelp Professionals is an established player in the outsourced customer service market. The recent recession took a toll on company growth perspective and 2012 was the year when the company decided to reinvent itself.

How YouAreHR Helped

To trim business costs, Telehelp dropped a third-party staffing agency and went all-in with in-house recruiting. The company chose YouAreHR’s On Premises solution for their applicant tracking needs.

In addition to saving recurring costs associated with third-party staffing services, YouAreHR was integrated into the company’s Active Directory , enabling single sign-on (SSO) scenarios for the company’s employees. Telehelp’s in-house payroll solution was configured to consume fresh hire data from YouAreHR.

One of the key arguments for going with the self-hosted on premises solution, however, was the fact that some clients of Telehelp Professionals require special level of security from their vendors. Since company hosts everything on premises, it is much easier to conform to this kind of requirements.

Hiring Team

Telehelp designated a team of senior customer service professionals who were with the company for several years to drive recruiting process. Project managers were empowered to make hiring decisions.

Questionnaires and Collecting Information

Due to the importance of phone conversation skills, recruiting teams created very light pre-screen intake forms to collect only necessary information, skipped the face-to-face part of the process and prepared extensive phone interview questionnaires instead.

One of the steps of the phone interview was a simulated customer service call in which team members who had received special training conducted hour-long calls, pretending to be customers in distress.

Thanks to YouAreHR features, every recruiter was taking notes during phone interviews and assessed an interview and candidate quality afterwards.

Telehelp Professionals is proud to be an equal opportunity employee and used the Fresh Hire questionnaire facilities of YouAreHR to understand any special accommodation requirements for newly hired employees.

Promotion, Sifting Through Job Applications and Hiring

The company constantly runs recruitment ads in local newspapers and places a short URL to the application intake form in all of the ads. A list of currently open positions is also embedded on the company website.

A rich note-taking and rating facilities of YouAreHR had greatly simplified the process of decision-making for managers who are busy with their day-to-day work. The company gets a constant influx of new candidates and offers jobs to about 30% of thoroughly vetted applicants.

Fresh Hire questionnaire was a great boon for Telehelp’s very small HR department, because it cut the time for on-boarding new hires in half.

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