Small consulting company hires new analyst — YouAreHR use case

Company Profile

RRC&D Solutions is a small five year old company that provides consulting services for the healthcare industry.

The recent introduction of the Affordable Care Act ("ObamaCare") increased business and stimulated growth of the company. With a headcount of only 30 people, RRC&D had no need for a dedicated HR department. In order to handle hiring quickly, the company turned to YouAreHR.

How YouAreHR Helped

Service Plan

The company needed to fill four positions that would have experience in different healthcare market segments. Company had chosen the Silver service plan that covered RRC&D’s requirement for a number of positions opened simultaneously and didn’t have any limits on the amount of people collaborating on hiring .

Hiring Team

RRC&D split a team of ten analysts and consultants into three hiring groups covering a variety of expertise required by future job applicants. Every person of the group could edit interview questions that belonged to the group, and conduct interviews; one person in each group was appointed as a manager making hiring decisions.

Questionnaires and Collecting Information

70% of RRC&D staff is travelling, so the hiring team decided to focus on creating extensive automatic pre-screens and populating phone interview questions in order to capture as much data, as possible. That allowed travelling interviewers to conduct interviews literally on-the-go, relying solely on the website data.

The final stage of every job application was a face-to-face interview in RRC&D’s office. In-house team members were taking extensive interview notes using YouAreHR’s website facilities, in order to allow remote hiring team members to fully participate in candidate assessment.

Promotion, Sifting Through Job Applications and Hiring

All open positions were advertised using LinkedIn, job boards and websites catering to healthcare service providers. Using standard YouAreHR’s features, RRC&D also embedded a list of open position on the Careers section of their website .

The company received a great response to their job ads. More than two hundred applications were received over the five month period the campaign was active. About 47% of applications were rejected during the initial pre-screening stage.

After team members took time to review and rate candidates after phone interviews, twenty six candidates were shortlisted for face-to-face interviews.

The hiring team had been using YouAreHR’s interview scheduling tool extensively while conducting phone and in-person interviews for the remaining candidates. Since many members of the team were travelling, YouAreHR’s ability to handle different time zones came in handy.

After a round of face-to-face conversations and evaluation, hiring managers made offers to seven candidates. Four people accepted and were hired.

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