Start-up is hiring first employee — YouAreHR use case

Company Profile

Mobius Games is a small mobile games startup. They do not have dedicated office space or employees yet; there are only two co-founders, who work at their homes and occasionally rent a co-working space for meetings and face time.

The company is on a streak with their latest game and is looking for a first employee in order to balance the game development load. They’re looking for a person who is ready to telecommute, is a proficient software developer and has experience in game development.

Co-founders won’t be able to arrange face-to-face interviews due to the distributed nature of the company, so they are organizing online teleconferences with prospective candidates instead.

How YouAreHR Helped

Service Plan

Free Startup service plan was chosen, since the company is still very small. The plan is limited to two people who will be collaborating during the hiring process. Only one position will be published at a time.

Hiring Team

Company cofounders are equal in their partnership. This translates well into YouAreHR's set of users and rights: both of them are users with a full set of rights. Having this kind of setup greatly improves agility of the hiring process.

Questionnaires and Collecting Information

One of the cofounders created a new position in YouAreHR, then both of them filled it with questions about potential employee background and experience. They also decided to green-flag all applicants who are willing to telecommute. The initial data intake would end up with a special programming task, which result (the source code) candidates would upload using YouAreHR’s file upload facilities.

Since there would not be a face-to-face conversation, a phone interview phasebecame a focal point of the questionnaire construction efforts. Mobius Games cofounders decided to create several forms filled with questions they would ask a person on the phone – an undertaking that paid itself off when they caught some inconsistencies in an otherwise promising candidate’s answers later, when comparing their notes they took and saved with YouAreHR during the phone interview.

Promotion, Sifting Through Job Applications and Hiring

Both cofounders are avid social networks users and had published links to the job description and intake form on their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. They also embedded a stylized job description listing on their company’s website .

These promotional efforts brought about forty résumés, out of which they’ve shortlisted five candidates. After some hour-long phone conversations they both took a couple of days to review their notes and rate candidates.

One candidate was rejected at the final stage due to the inconsistences in phone interview answers. Out of two highest-rated candidates one took an offer they had made.

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