Why YouAreHR?

It's All About People

When your company grows and everyone is busy contributing to the bottom line, hiring new people quickly becomes a chore and falls into disarray, if not addressed promptly. Finding the right people is hard and mistakes are expensive.

YouAreHR is a service that will streamline the recruiting process in your company by taking care of administrivia of collecting, organizing and collaborating on prospective job applications, and helping you to focus on what you need most — making the right, well-informed hiring decisions.

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Cost-Effective Solution

YouAreHR is designed from the ground-up to be an easy and cost-effective solution.

We share your frustration with lengthy sales calls required by other companies in our business and that's why...

Oh, and did we mention our wonderful free plan, crafted just for startups?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) For Non-HR People

YouAreHR is designed to be used by non-HR professionals.

We believe that core business specialists are in a much better position to determine what is important for getting the job done right, than generalist HR persons. That's why YouAreHR puts you in the driver's seat and takes care of the complexity of HR specifics in the background.

Encouraging Teamwork

People who are working on the project day-to-day always have a unique point of view on what's important for the project to be successful.

With YouAreHR your recruiting team will be able to:

  • evaluate pre-screens,
  • take notes during phone and in-person interviews,
  • rate and vote on candidates,
  • take care of scheduling issues

By gathering a wealth of information about prospective candidates and your team's opinions in one place, YouAreHR will help you to make an educated hiring decision.

Rinse And Repeat

One of the most important benefits of YouAreHR.com is that your hiring process becomes easily repeatable and doesn't have debilitating dependencies on a handful of people that possess a "sacred knowledge" of screening new candidates. Hiring new people is a process and we will help you establish it.

Moreover, once interviewing stages and concerns are visible for other team members, you will receive invaluable feedback that will benefit your company by enhancing the recruiting process even further.

It Fits Your Company Size

Whether your company is just starting and small or it grew to the medium-size business, YouAreHR may have a solution for you. Be sure to check out YouAreHR use cases that will transform your company's hiring processes for good.

Talk To A Human

Would you like to ask questions about whether YouAreHR.com is right for your business? Email or call us now. We also offer a complimentary one‑hour phone call and free email support after you signup.